Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 28

I'm a few days last posting this one because it was a busy weekend - details on that when I post Friday :)

Continuing with the Kamas 24th of July celebrations, we went to the parade on Friday night. Kaitlyn could have ridden the float with the princesses but this time she decided she'd rather collect some candy.

I think this parade was better than the one on the 4th (strange - maybe because fewer celebrations to compete with?) with some unique floats we hadn't seen before. We also sat by this really chatty guy (military guy so there was a connection right off with that) that Ty kept sharing his candy with. It was cute.

On Saturday the Princesses had their final appearance - they did a couple of their dances right before the Memory Auction. So Sam got to see at least one of her performances this year - finally. We took a look at the Classic Car Show afterward, then took the kids to a movie in the afternoon.
Ty also came down with a cold over the weekend - he had a fever a few days in a row and a cough. Then on Monday we started to notice a few "spots" but Benadryl cleared them up and we didn't worry too much. Then Wednesday Ty had fallen asleep on my bed and I went in to find him broken out in hives all over the places - face, chest, arms, legs... So I took him in to the doctor, who is pretty sure they were viral and nothing to worry about. Phew. Not strep (guess that can be bad if left untreated?). Not an allergy (which I had been wracking my brain to pinpoint something new that would have set it off and coming up blank - and would probably still be puzzled over it). Just thost nasty looking hives that kept coming and going and moving all over him for the next few days. They've cleared up now though and life is back to normal.

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