Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 31

Sam was home for the weekend after what was a very frustrating week for him at the base. So Saturday was family fun time at the pool so the kids could show off all they've been learning. Kaitlyn was excited to get another crack at that diving board - she is now so confident she will run and jump off it. And both kids went on the big slide over and over by themselves. Sam and I were happy to not have to walk up all the stairs and happily waited for them at the bottom. Then the kids were off to a movie with Gma and Sam and I got a date - yay!

Sunday was a lazy day. Grocery shopping. Nascar race. And washing the truck (Sam and the kids washed it, I took photos. Thus the reason they got bored and didn't bother to wash the Yukon for me :( )

Final week of swimming lessons for the kids. They LOVE it. They were so excited that both were packed up and in their suits a good hour or two before we had to leave each morning. It was a pleasure to see how well they both paid attention and how much they learned in just 2 weeks. Both kids passed with flying colors. Kaitly is excited to move on to Level 3. We'll have to see how we feel about Ty next year - his teacher thought he would still be pretty small for the next level but suspected that if we signed up for the same one again he'd be well ahead of the others and would probably be moved up after the first day.

Sam had classes at the base this week and had to dress up a bit on Monday. He hardly ever has to wear this uniform so we grabbed a couple photos. Then the kids had to play photographer - this is one Tyler got. Are you impressed? I cropped it down of course, but not bad for a 3 year old! (I was so nervous letting him have the big camera without me keeping a hand on it)
We got a bit of the farm life (yikes! flashbacks for me) on Wednesday. I ended up helping Wyatt and Dad "haul hay" off and on most of the day (trying to get it in before the rain hit) and the kids tagged along with me. They thought it was great and I (surprisingly) didn't mind it until about 4:00. That's when we ended up waiting around for Dad to finish raking a section and the kids ran out of patience. We had some fun taking photos while we waited. But when 5:00 was closing in we gave up and went home for dinner.

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