Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 27

Friday: Fashion Show at the rest home. A lot of work and stress for mommy, tons of fun for the kids, and the residents loved watching it all.

Ty was the biggest ham of the group. He loved the attention.

Saturday: Krystal's birthday party at the pool

Sunday: the kids spent a good chunk of the day with grandma and grandpa and Sam and I got to hang out at home by ourselves. Peaceful. But we brought the kids home in time to enjoy potstickers and yakisoba

Monday: Laundry. (are we surprised? didn't think so!) And a pirate treasure hunt. Oh and I can't forget I got some Girl Time with my good friend Audrey - dinner and shopping!

Wednesday: Attempted to get some exercise by taking the kids for a walk. Sounds easier than it actually was - no wonder I never lose weight! Then I spent pretty much the entire rest of the day working on Christmas gifts (yes I am thinking that far ahead. It's me. Is anyone really surprised? :) )

Thursday: Kaitlyn insisted we try out the skateboard park with her scooter (I guess the neighbor boy had mentioned it to her) so we got there as early as we could while it was still cool and the place was empty. Kate is pretty handy on that scooter - I hadn't realized how much so. Tyler is learning - he can now push with one foot. His protective older sister leant him her elbow pads (his helmet only came with knee pads) and followed him around the whole time just to make sure he didn't get hurt.
That night was the first the Pioneer Day weekend's festivities - the rodeo. Kaitlyn and the other princesses were part of the grand entry. The rodeo itself was definitely small-time (almost no one managed to stay on long enough to get a score!) but fun.
Kate is on the top row, far left. I know her hand is covering her face but I liked that it showed off her pretty princess wave :)

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