Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 302

My first "decent" photo using the manual settings on my camera - oooooo! :) Not bad for indoors (my house has HORRIBLE lighting), at night, no flash. Having a very cute model helps.

People have been asking me to take photos for them. And whenever they do I feel totally inadequate, yet I still say yes. So, nudged along by 2 more photo session requests, and my wonderful, supportive husband, I signed up for a photography class. Total spur of the moment. The class is Creative Child Photography, but we're supposed to learn how to use natural light, filters, etc in addition to poses and how to work with kids. And let's face it, kids are what I photograph 90% of the time.
The first class was tonight and I am happy to say I learned some new things, including some of the functions of my camera. I have to admit I'm very intimidated though and feel like I am the least experienced person in the class. But that's why I'm there right? To learn. Yeah. I need to keep reminding myself of that and try to avoid freaking out over the prospect of having to jump right in with real "models" on Saturday.

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