Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 283

Happy Birthday to ME!
I started the day trying to comfort poor Kaitlyn who woke up "thinking about what the fireman told me...that we can't get our favorite toys if there's a fire..." (she was SO upset - do they realize how what they say can come back and haunt kids?) But after we explained things to her, I got to open presents. I got tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and a Dance Dance Revolution game (for the Wii) from the kids. It was kind of fun not to get anything practical. And fun to "dance" with Kaitlyn when she got home from school.
Lots of little gestures - phone calls, a few people stopping by with gifts, and lots of birthday wishes on Facebook - throughout the day made me feel a little special all day long. Sam topped off the day by making dinner for us. Then he surprised me by inviting my family over for cake - ice cream cake from Cold Stone! MMMM

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