Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 277

We took Grandma Alene with us to the zoo today to see all the baby animals. And oh how cute they were! And so many of them! Usually a zoo with have a baby once in a blue moon. But this year the zoo had a baby elephant, baby giraffe, 3 baby tiger cubs, a baby snow leopard (that we're not sure we spotted), a baby crocodile (that was no longer there), and a tiny new baby monkey. We got there shortly after the zoo opened when the animals were all out for the breakfast and feeling energic. The animals were the most entertaining I've ever seen them, especially the baby elephant. She (?) reminded me of a 2 year old, running from one toy to another, stopping to eat for a second, then on to get into more mischief.
Once we had seen all the animals we went to lunch. Then decided to take advantage of the time in the city and run errands. We were able to meet up with Sam for dinner before he went on to his second jobsite of the day - and we're very happy about that. He's still been working a lot of long hours, plus he was headed down to the base for the weekend and we won't see him until Monday night.

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