Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 214

Kaitlyn came home from grandma's last night and told me "Mom, we forgot grandpa's birthday." And she was right. My dad's birthday was on Tuesday - you know the day that totally fell apart on me? Yeah. I guess it's almost understandable that we forgot. So this morning we baked a cake, the kids drew some pictures and we told Grandpa that we switched his birthday to today. The highlight of the visit was not in fact the cake, but the Nerf dart gun my cousins had given my dad for his birthday. I could hardly drag the kids away from it so we could get home for Ty's nap.
Anyway - Happy Birthday Dad!

*it was also a good day for Tyler too. Despite the frustrations of Tuesday we have kept up with the potty training and Tyler went the WHOLE day today without any accidents!

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