Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 188

Happy 4th of July? Not really. There was an incident at the beginning of the parade (the parade that Katy was SO excited to go to) where a horse got out of control and caused some injuries - to us. Without going into detail (because it was pretty chaotic and who knows all the details), I will say that the result was a bloody/swollen nose and a cuncussion for Kaitlyn, 2 stiches on my head along with a badly bruised arm (not broken though!) and numberous bruises and scrapes. The rider left in the ambulance with at least a broken leg. And the horse didn't make it.
We spent a nerve wracking couple of hours getting everyone looked at and taken care of and a few more hours trying to calm our nerves. Then were (mostly) able to enjoy the BBQ with my family in the evening, and had a lot of fun at the rodeo.

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