Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 208

24th of July = Poineer Days in Utah and Frontier Days for Francis/Kamas. We don't get into all that too much (I know, I know - any excuse for a party and fun activities and we didn't grab it?! strange) but we did have to go to the parade, especially after missing the one on the 4th.
We got there 45 minutes early and found a small spot of shade to wait in. Sam walked the kids across the road to the Chevron to get popsicles and keep them from fidgeting. Kaitlyn couldn't wait for the parade to start, but did mention a couple of times that she was a bit nervous about the horses. That didn't last long though. As soon as the candy started flying, the kids were well occupied. We were next to quite a few kids and at first thought our little ones wouldn't get any candy, but the nice little boy next to us (with a nudge from his parents) started leaving some for Kate and Ty and even tossing some of his own candy to Ty. The kids also loved waving at everyone that went by - Kaitlyn was so enthusiastic about it. It was so cute!
Katy was very happy to snag a frisbee and a water bottle. Ty was happy to devour all 3 of his OtterPops before we got home. And I think Katy's fav treat was the Nerds. Me, I prefer the vanilla tootsie rolls, but the kids weren't fast enough to get me any.

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