Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 111

This photo sums up my day. It was my monthly Saturday with The Girls. I met Cheri, Alisha, and Alisha's Mom in the city for a quick lunch. Then we went to see the play Phantom. It was great, though not even close to the Andrew Lloyd Weber version that we all love. Sam's mom had given me a couple tickets to the What a Woman Wants Expo, and Cheri loves that one so the two of us spent an hour at the Expo. I picked up a few things in the city, including tulle so I can start working on the tutus for Katy's dance recital. Then it was home for dinner. And Twinkies. I don't know how we got on the subject but this morning we were talking about Twinkies to Katy and she said she didn't know what they were. So Sam picked some of them up while he and the kids were out today. They had their own brand of fun with a trip to the park and lunch at the train restaurant. All in all - a great Saturday for everyone!

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