Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 102

Kaitlyn has been looking forward to seeing the baby chicks for weeks. In the spring, the local feed store gets in a big order of baby chicks and Grandma always makes sure she knows when they are coming in so the kids can go see them. The shipment arrived this morning and they were sold out in 15 minutes - that was 45 minutes before we got there. But that didn't keep us from seeing the chickies. We found out that one of our...neighbors (small town - isn't everyone a neighbor?) had purchased 15 of them and she let us go see them. Kaitlyn was in love. She was so gentle with the chicks, picking each up one by one to hold it for a minute. Tyler was fascinated and excited, but didn't dare do more than look at them. I think he touched one but mostly kept his hands to himself.

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