Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 105

Happy Easter!
First thing Katy checked was that the Easter Bunny had come this morning. Yep there were baskets! Then she ran to the front door to see if he ate the carrots. Yep, the carrots were mostly gone and so was her Thank You note to him. Ok then - time to check out the loot! The Bunny went overboard this year and the kids got all kinds of fun stuff for summer - sand toys, pool noodles and beach towels, sidewalk chalk and accessories, art stuff, new rain boots for Ty, a new outfit for Katy's Hello Kitty, bubbles... Oh and the funniest part was Kaitlyn's reaction to everything. At each new thing she discovered she would exclaim "well, what do 'ya know?!" or "surprise my eyes!" Tyler was more reserved in his excitement and went right for the dump trucks and his new boots.
We had breakfast and got dressed so we could head outside to find all the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden. After all the eggs had been opened everyone had a bout of The Crankies. (thus the reason for no cute group shot of the kids or even the whole family - they were too cranky for me to even think about it) So we were happy to be able to get out of the house and head down to Grandma Jackson's to join the gang for another egg hunt.
We finished up the day outside. First with Tyler out feeding the cows - where I got a call in the middle of it to go take some photos because he was being so darn cute hugging a calf. (of course he didn't repeat the hug when I made it, but I did get some great shots of him riding it and doing other cute things like closing the gate by himself). Then we all spent some time outside while Sam finished up dinner - ribs and grilled fries! mmmmm

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