Monday, April 29, 2013

2013 Week 17

Bambi is growing fast!  She's probably doubled in size since we got her.  She's starting to learn a few things - I think we might have a handle on the potty training and she knows how to sit on cue.  She is still very much an energetic puppy, which is fun.  The biting and jumping have toned down a little bit but she still has a long way to go with that.
 I'm pretty sure she recognizes the sound of the alarm on my phone when it's time to go to the bus.  And when that bus turns into our neighborhood she gets SO excited to be mobbed by all the kids.
Kaitlyn and Tyler love their puppy and have so much fun playing with her.

On Friday the kindergarten got to go to the Aloha Safari Zoo.  It's an exotic animal rescue and oh what a great place to visit!  There was so much more interaction than you get at most zoos.
(Miss Allen, Mrs Plumber and the rest of Tyler's class)
 Tyler's favorite part was feeding the giraffe.  His name is Strech, which Tyler thought was a great name.
 There's Tyler's teacher Miss Allen taking a photo of the big snake.  They brought that thing out and just let it crawl around on the ground and the kids could go up to it anytime they wanted.  Tyler stayed at least 10 feet away from the snake - not that I blame him! He did however like touching the tortoises, baby goat, and the pot bellied pigs that were also out wandering around.
They also give you a ride behind a tractor to see some of the larger animals in their fields.  All the animals come right up to the fence so everyone gets a really good look at them.  Zebras, buffalo, camels, antelope, watusi cattle...

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  1. I'm amazed at how fast puppies grow...we got ours at the end of March and he weighed 5 lbs. Now, he weighs 30 lbs and is still growing. I'm just glad kids don't grow this fast :)