Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Week 13

Spring!  I love seeing the bulbs starting to peek up through the ground and knowing that soon there will be lots of pretty flowers!

It was a bit of a rough week.  I did manage to take some time to do crafts with a friend.

Of course we didn't manage to get them finished in our first session, so she and her kids came back later that night (Tues).  The crafting went well, but at one point the kids were in the kitchen getting snacks and we hear "ewww GROSS!  Tyler just threw up!"  Yup.  Ewww.  We got it cleaned up and sent everyone home and hoped it was a random thing.  Nope.  By 10:30 that night he was throwing up repeatedly - so often in fact that by 2:00 Sam took him in to the ER.  They gave him something for the nausea and Sam said that by the time the dr saw Ty he was feeling well enough to flirt with the nurses :)  We had to keep him home from school on Wednesday (where he sadly missed the Easter hat parade) and Thursday, but he was able to go for the short day on Friday.

(**need to add photo of Ty in his hat with his friend at school)
Friday also marked the beginning of Spring Break!  We started it off with Easter festivities.  We dyed eggs on Saturday.

 And due to rain in the morning, the Easter Bunny hid not only the baskets but all of the eggs in the house.

The kids got roller blades, sports equipment, flip flops/sandals, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Bambi also got her own basket and a few new toys.

The roller skates were by far the favorite item from Easter.  Luckily the weather cleared up in the afternoon so the kids could gear up and try them out.  They LOVE the skates.  It looked like so much fun that Sam and I pulled out our roller blades for a little bit and skated with the kids too.

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