Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Week 30

A couple of Tyler's favorite obsessions right now - his DS (handheld video game thing) and his basket full of stuffed animals.  You can find him with one or the other 75% of the time.  This particular morning I found him like this first thing in the morning - a nice lazy summer morning indulgence.
Audrey and the kids came to visit and we had a great weekend of fun.  Friday afternoon was pool time.
Followed by showers/baths for all.  The little ones got bubbles in the big tub so even bath time was big group fun.  Not sure why, but the boys were making tough guy faces and poses the whole time
Then in preparation for watching the opening ceremonies of the Olypics on TV we all made our own Olympic Bingo cards
And Olympic ring cupcakes (root beer flavored cupcakes!  mmmm)
Then had a great time watching the opening ceremonies.  The boys got too wild and crazy and eventually had to be put to bed, but the girls were really into it.  Too bad it lasted hours and hours - we could barely keep our eyes open to finally see the USA team announced (around 11:00).  Then we had to get to bed because the next day was a full day of fun at the beach.
The kids got to try out Maddie and Isabelle's boogie boards and loved them.  They have already put in requests for boards of their own.  I have to admit that I liked them too - it made it a lot easier to have the kids out in the deeper water with us, which is where they want to be most of the time.

Audrey also had a pop up tent, which was great, even though the day was overcast and not as horribly hot as it could have been.  It proved to be a great spot to hang out in between boughts of playing in the water.  The kids also kept busy playing in the sand. And they even found some super tiny clams (or some sort of sea creature in a shell) which they kept in a bucket for a while.
Lillian wasn't too happy when we first got to the beach (tired from a restless night, plus she didn't seem to be a fan of the ocean waves) but the beach is too fun a place not to be happy.  She really liked the sand, and as you can see - teasing Tyler was a lot of fun too!
Tyler couldn't get enough of the boogie board.  That kid has no fear and loves the water, even when it's rough and takes him under.  At one point he scared us for a few minutes as Sam was out in the water and he headed out to swim with him but when I saw Sam a few minutes later, Ty was nowhere in sight.  We quickly searched the beach and found down the way a little bit - phew!

By the time the high tide started lapping at our stuff, we were all tired and covered in sand so we packed up, hosed off as best we could and headed home.  Lily fell asleep almost as soon as we got her in the car, and Kaitlyn and Isabelle ended up napping for part of the ride home too.  Too sandy and unpresentable for eating out, we grabbed pizza on the way home for dinner.  Then spent the rest of the night watching some more of the Olympics.
We were sad that the Mouton's couldn't stay longer - we always have SO much fun.  But we also get completely worn out, so Sunday was spent recovering :)  We went down to a neighbor's bday party at the pool, which would have been more fun if we weren't sick of being in the sun and the water, and were probably one of the first to leave the party (after 2 hours of it - that's plenty, right?)

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