Monday, July 16, 2012

2012 Week 28

Oh what a fun (and exhausting!) week!  We spent the first couple of days getting the To Dos done - lots of orders going out this week, plus errands and shopping/ prep for a trip to Audrey's.
Audrey had planned a "sewing camp" for her girls and invited Kaitlyn to join them.  Kate was SO excited.  She had a lot of fun picking out the fabric for her projects, and even more fun at the camp.  By the end of the 3 days the girls had a whole new outfit - skirt, applique Tshirt, and headband - and a fun new bag.

Audrey had arranged for her friend to teach the girls, so while they were busy sewing we did our own thing.  Tyler and Michael played together really really well this time, with very little interference from us.  So Audrey and I spent some time working on things around her house (like final touch ups and removing the tape from our previous painting project, cleaning up the pool from a recent storm, etc) and chatting up a storm.  After the girls were done sewing we would feed them lunch, and two of the three days we ended up in the pool (the first day was too rainy) with the kids.
Thursday was a little chilly, but the kids and their friends (some extras from sewing camp) had a lot of fun.

Kaitlyn's favorite part is always the diving board.  She really wasn't ready to quit swimming the first day when all the rest of the kids had had enough.
Tyler took his first big jump off the diving board (without a life jacket) - no fear, no hesitation.

Audrey's girls are on a swimming team this summer and we went to one of their meets.  Kaitlyn was "crazy jealous" the entire time.  She wanted to be in the water swimming with the rest of them so badly - it almost made her cry at first (though part of her being so emotional was from being so tired from all the fun and staying up late).  So I promised her we would see if we can find a swim team around here for her for next year and that we would swim more at Audrey's the next day, then she sat on my lap (we left the little kids at home with a babysitter) while we watched the girls race.  They did a great job, and you can tell they've learned a lot with this swim team and I'm sure something like that would be great for Kate if we can find it.
Friday the sewing ran late so all the girls could finish up their projects.  Then we spent a good long time in the pool (it was a perfect day for it, thankfully), before having dinner, cleaning up the massive amount of toys and other messes (the kids had built a big fort for sleeping in the girls' room), then heading home.
Tyler fell asleep not 10 minutes after we left Audrey's.  And Kaitlyn slept until after 10 AM (something she never does) the next day.  And I'm still worn out.  Lots of fun and late nights are exhausting - but totally worth it!

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