Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Week 8

 Looks very sad and dejected doesn't he?  That's the face he gets when Kaitlyn and the older kids outrun him and he gets left behind.  It's rough being little.  But probably sooner than I'll be ready for it, he'll be running off with friends of his own.
Let's see...other things of note this week.

One day I picked Tyler up at preschool and his teacher just couldn't compliment him enough. She had been testing the kids, comparing how they are doing now to when they first started.  And I guess the progress of the kids was kind of disappointing until it was Tyler's turn.  As far as I can tell, he must have been above and beyond expectations.  His teacher said he completely made her day.  She went on and on about it. Go Tyler!

We have a new neighbor (down on the other side of the subdivision), and he has a car that looks like "Bumblebee" (you know - from Transformers).  Bright yellow Camaro with black racing stripes.  The plate even says MuBumblbee.  We were meeting up with friends to go for a walk and the guy drove by and stopped to say hi.  Tyler told him his car was awesome and they had quite the little conversation about Transformers and stuff.  Then the guy asked Tyler if he (and his bike) wanted to race so they "raced" down to the corner.  Tyler took off on the bike and the guy followed well behind, obviously.  It was really cute and made Ty's day.  (too bad I didn't pull out my phone to take a photo until they were too far away)

The weather bounces from rainy and overcast to warm and springy, which is really nice.  The first set of flowering trees are even starting to bloom.  End of February and spring is on its way - I like that about North Carolina.

The kids are really excited about our upcoming family vacation.  We'll be gone 3 days of school and Kaitlyn, little self-motivated, conscientious smart little monkey that she is insisted that I write a note to her teacher (well in advance of the trip) asking that she get a packet of homework/classwork for Kate to work on during the trip so she didn't get behind.

Have I mentioned I started a new exercise routine?  Yup.  P90X, which is pretty intense.  I've surprised myself by how motivated I am to stick with it.  Not only that, but I usually add in a walk (or sometimes two) with a friend most days as well.  I don't know where the motivation came from, but I hope it sticks around long enough for me to get completely in shape, once and for all.

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