Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Week 7

 Just a bunch of photos I took the morning of Valentines Day.  I get photo happy on holidays especially when the kids are wearing new clothes and feeling cooperative ;)
Every holiday I try to make it just a little bit special.  Valentines day was a new heart hairdo, new Tshirts (courtesy Gma Alene), fun breakfast of heart shaped cinnamon rolls and chocolate instant breakfast.  Special treats in the lunchboxes.  Cards and chocolate for all.  Then we had a nice dinner and relaxing evening at home.  It was a really nice day.
I really shouldn't put off posting, as even a few days past the week I can't think of much of anything else that happened during the week - oops!  The only other photos I have from the week are the family photos for my friend.  We did a really quick last minute photo session as we were running out of time (and good weather) before her husband left on deployment.  Sam was working on a closet for a buddy so the kids had to tag along with me for the photos.  And as usual, while they were easy to take along, Tyler did insist on getting in on the action a couple of times. 

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