Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Week 24

Summer, summer, summer. Lazy days without much planned punctuated by (mostly) fun things here and there. It's pretty hot in NC (90s seems average) so we try to work around that, meaning more time spent inside that we would have in Utah. Still I think we're enjoying it.

(he's faking it. Not a bad actor huh?)

To celebrate school ending (and to get together before both families headed for long vacations back in UT) we had a very fun, 2 day long pool party at Audrey's house. The kids loved the water. Can't wait for them to get the pool here in our neighborhood functional.

Hair bows - our one craft for the weekend. Can't get together with Audrey without doing something crafty!

Came back home and got straight to work on finishing up my last big project in the house - painting the living room! I had the electrician in Friday (and the guys delivering a new dryer because ours conked out ick) wiring the TV (and the outlets for the freezer in the garage) into the wall above the fireplace and after patching the holes I could dive right into it on Monday. Ahhh, it feels so nice to have that off the To Do List.

And our gladiolas are blooming! Well, the first 2 are at least. Pretty.

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