Friday, June 10, 2011

2011 Week 23

This is my favorite photo for this week (and probably within the last few weeks as well). The woman sitting next to me said "awww" when she saw what I was snapping the photo of.
Friday was Kaitlyn's final awards ceremony and the school had turned it over to each individual classroom to do their own. The kids were sitting on the floor of the classroom when we got there and Kaitlyn immediately spotted Ty and me and came over with big smiles and hugs. She took Tyler with her back to the carpet and spent the whole time with her arm around him. He even held her hand and went with her to the front when the teacher called her name. It only took a few minutes to hand out all the certificates, then everyone had ice cream.

Kaitlyn got the Star Reader, Star Math (her usual) and the Terrific Kid Award (those are only given to 2 children in each class each grading period). She was very happy about the Terrific Kid and put on her Tshirt to "surprise" her Dad when he got home.

I took Kaitlyn home with us directly after the awards and not long after that Sam got home and took me to the airport for a quick trip home. Gram had died on Memorial Day and I was headed to Utah for the weekend for her funeral. I'm so glad I went. The funeral itself wasn't a happy occasion, but it was very nice and I was glad to be there for Dad.

The family time during the weekend was unexpected, but a very nice bonus to the weekend. And it was a LOT of family time. I was on NC time still so I was up around 4AM every morning (and incredibly tired the whole time) and with Dad being an early bird too we had a lot of time to talk and do things before anyone else was awake. One morning I just went with him to feed the animals, the second I played cowgirl and helped him herd the bull back to the cattle (and the cattle to the bull when we couldn't get him exactly where Dad wanted him), and the third he took me to see the river (with some of the repairs done from the flooding last year and the high water threatening to do even more flooding soon this year).

Lenore and her family had come up for the weekend (and had picked me up from the airport actually) and Bonnie and Larry were in town too. Sunday morning turned into one giant work party with everyone helping my Dad get the sprinkler lines set up in the fields. They even saddled up a couple of horses and we took turns riding them while we out in the field. It was the first time on a horse for the boys and they couldn't get enough. (side note - what a shock to find out that Eddie is 15 and drove part of the way to Mom's house!) Larry also got his first real time on a horse and Bon said he was talking about buying one by the end of his 3rd ride :) Nick (he's 13) also got to learn how to drive the tractor.

I had purposely not packed my cameras, thinking that funerals weren't a time for me to be thinking of taking photos. But pretty much the entire time there I was wishing for a camera. Spring is such a beautiful time in the mountains and the farm has all kinds of rustic details that I can't wait to capture. I had to be satisfied with a couple quick shots on the camera.

Once back home, I've had a hard time recovering from the trip. I just can't seem to get the sleeping and thus the energy/motivation back on track. So we've been taking it easy and not doing much. Tyler and I went shopping one day with a friend. To entertain himself, Tyler was taking photos from the cart. Lovely huh?

And finally, the last day of school has arrived! Kaitlyn was very happy to be off to the final half-day and had a lot of fun. She can't wait for all the fun summer stuff we've been planning but did tell me just now that she already misses her teacher. Such a cute girl.

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