Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Week 2

It's been quite the week. Sam had to work over the weekend so the kids and I were on our own. Saturday I drug them out shopping with me so I could get ready for all of our January birthdays. And Sunday we recovered, with only a trip out to the grocery store. Then Monday we got another dose of NC winter weather - in which I mean they cancelled school and work over the chance of a snowstorm (that didn't really amount to much). No problem. Sam went to the Home Depot and then we worked on this. (that's the garage)

Tuesday we woke up to this. Yeah nasty. You could practically ice skate on the lawn. Of course no school, no work. We were happy to spend the day in the garage putting up more shelves, getting rid of stuff (we filled the entire back of the truck for Good Will), and putting things away. By the end of the day we could easily park both vehicles inside - for the first time since the movers showed up with all our stuff.

Wednesday everything started to melt. The base got a couple hour delay and school was still cancelled but it did start warming up. We were all ready for life to get back to some semblance of a normal schedule, but I have to say, the kids did a pretty good job of keeping themselves entertained and not fighting during the extra long weekend.

Thursday it was finally back to business as usual. Sam went to work, Kaitlyn went to school, Tyler played with his cars, and I painted our bedroom.

I bet you're starting to think all we ever do around here is work on the house. You'd be right. Sometimes I'm completely worn out by it and don't want to face another big project. But the urge to get the house looking good as soon as possible is stronger than the urge to sit around and relax - at least until all the really big projects and painting are done (which I'm hoping will be by the end of January).

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