Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Week 1

Love that photo!
The first week of the new year finds us valiantly trying to get back to normal life. The problem is, we haven't quite figured out what "normal" is for us in our new life here. But the holidays are over and Sam is back to work, Kaitlyn is back to school, and Tyler and I are trying to get things in order at home.
Sometimes that involves organizing. (*sigh* and boy do we still need more of that in certain areas)

Sometimes that involves home improvement projects - I painted both the dining room and powder bathroom this week. Both are red. Love the red. It's my "happy color."

And sometimes that involves errands and phone calls and overall just figuring things out. We had to go in search of a dentist this week because Kaitlyn spotted her top 2 teeth coming in and the the baby teeth in their place showed no signs of coming out any time soon. Of course, not only have we not bothered to find a dentist yet, but we weren't even sure how it all works with the insurance now. So Sam had to do some research first thing Monday morning and then I was lucky enough to get a same-day appointment for that afternoon. The dentist pulled the top 2 teeth (I was happy to know we hadn't rushed to the dentist for no reason) and Kate is now happily sporting a big toothless grin. The tooth fairy brought her $2 that night and she promply shared a dollar with her brother first thing the next morning (I love my little sweet heart!).


  1. You could have called I could have explained the whole dental stuff. I'm full of useless military knowledge that is no longer helpful to me. I love the bathroom, that red is really a happy color. I'll come do your organizing if you deal with my children

  2. Oh that's so sweet of Kaitlyn to share a buck to her brother. The dentist and the Tooth Fairy would be happy if they find out. And in that particular toothless smile pic, my heart melts from the cuteness. :)

    Joel Jackson