Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 271

We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese today. The kids loved it. Arcades are definitely Ty's thing. The whole first half hour he was SO excited and you could just see him thinking "whatnext?whatnext?whatnext!" as he ran from one game to another. He was even pretty good at a few of them. Kaitlyn had a blast too and was so happy that we earned enough tickets to get her a set of Blendy Pens. She spent the rest of the day coloring. Ty just wanted candy so he ended up with 3 mini tootsipops and shared one with his sister. The only downfall was of course the food - it wasn't very good (as expected) and the kids didn't want to eat it. The whole experience was still worth it though. Next time we'll eat first so we can spend the whole time there playing games.

After naptime we took the kids down to the barn for a photo session.

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