Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 266

Today was the last day of the State Fair so we decided to take the kids. The kids loooooooved it. They were so excited to see and do everything they could. Kaitlyn made a bee-line for the jewelry at the first booth - my little girl is really into earrings right now. We let her buy a pair before we left (silver butterflies), but made her wait until she had seen everything so that she was sure to get her favorite.
It was a bit hard to talk them out of riding the carnival rides, but we managed it. Those things are just too expensive. But we did let them talk us into riding a pony. I know, strange when they can ride one of the horses whenever they want, but they had a lot of fun. They loved seeing all the rest of the animals, and didn't even notice that most of them were gone. One or two pigs is the same as a whole barn, right? :) Kaitlyn was the more daring of the two. She wanted to have her picture taken with each type of animal and wanted to pet most of them. Tyler loved seeing them (except the noisy goat scared him) but preferred to keep his distance. The little farm thing the FFA had set up was a bit hit with the kids too.

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