Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Week 20

"Mom I need a drink!"
The combination of warm temperatures, high humidity, and Tyler being more prone to sweat than most kids means the little guy comes in with his hair matted to his forehead quite often.  Sometimes he even looks like this when I pick him up from school.

Kaitlyn's dance recital was on Saturday and the final dance class as well as the dress rehearsal was earlier in the week.  Kaitlyn was very excited for it, (not scared a bit) and did a terrific job in the two danced (tap and jazz) her class performed.

Saturday night we rented the movie We Bought a Zoo, so it seemed fitting to head to the zoo the next day when we wanted to do something fun for the family.  The day was beautiful and not too hot.  The kids were happy, and we all enjoyed it (and completely wore ourselves out - it's a big zoo with a lot of walking). 
Kaitlyn put herself in charge of the map and determined our course throughout the day.  She cited the zebras as her favorite thing at the zoo.  Tyler was very excited about the new animatronic dinosaur section.  And I though the baby babboon was the highlight of the day.  He put on quite the show, first cuddling with his mom, then running around teasing some of the others and generally acting like a kid on a sugar high.

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