Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 Week 10

The weather lately has been pretty fabulous, and this week is no exception.  It's so fun to see some green start popping up and the early flowers on trees and bushes.
I don't know the science behind it, but one day this week the gravitation pulls of the planets lined up and some of my online buddies were experimenting with getting their brooms to stand on end.  I was able to get ours to do it (hehe).  That broom stood up by itself in the middle of the kitchen for hours as I wanted to show the kids my little magic trick.  However, Tyler thought it was more fun to knock it down than to look at it, so the broom got put away shortly after he got home.
The week was pretty much spent catching up from the week before and working on things on my list.  Last minute, a friend asked if I wanted to share the space she got at the Relay for Life Yard Sale/Vendor Fair fundraiser.  It was supposed to be held last Saturday but was rained out and rescheduled for this Saturday.  As I had kind of hectically pulled everything together last Friday when I thought I only had one day to prep, getting ready for it wasn't too much trouble after that, which is good as I was still playing catch up from the trip.  Saturday was a sunny day, but the wind was chilly so it wasn't super fun to sit outside babysitting the table all day.  It also wasn't a good idea to combine a yard sale with a vendor fair as the turn out wasn't great and most of the people expected yard sale prices.  However, I did sell a few hairbows and may have some future orders from it.  And it's not entirely a bad thing to spend the day out in the sunshine chatting with a friend.

Sunday was another day spent outside (though this time with slightly warmer temperatures) as Sam had agreed to help one of my friends set up the playset she had purchased for her girls.  I went along as an extra set of hands and the kids went, well, because they couldn't stay home alone.  But they had fun playing with the 2 year old and all 4 kids (baby included) behaved much better than we could have hoped for.  Setting up the playset had it's share of frustrations (like the fact that some important pieces were missing, or the swing part that drove us all crazy as it didn't fit together quite right) but we did get it all together, and in a decent amount of time. 

The playset at 10AM
 And the playset at 5 PM

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