Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Week 43

It's been a fun-filled week with Grandma. The kids got Friday off (teacher prep), which meant even more one on one time. Art projects, making cookies, reading books, getting spoiled when we went shopping... that's what happens when Grandma visits :)

When the kids were in school, Grandma was either sleeping in or working on small projects with me. We had a couple of craft sessions with my neighbors (finally got everyone to finish the wreaths from the craft day!) and devised a project for ourself by "upcycyling" an old Tshirt and pair of jeans for Kaitlyn. We've had some great fall weather here this week. All the leaves are changing colors and it's beatiful. I need to take the camera out for some photos. It must also be time to harvest the cotton around here, which is something we've never experienced. The day they were harvesting the field right next to us we took Tyler for a walk to check them out. I hate walking across the weeds and stuff in the empty lots but Mom and Tyler went right up to the fence to watch for a minute. Four combines and a couple trailors working on one little field - impressive.

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