Friday, July 15, 2011

2011 Week 28

I had the camera out a lot this week and it was really hard to choose just a few photos. I'll have to post some in depth ones on the personal blog later.

With Sam going home for work and extended family back at their own homes too, the kids and I have been more on our own. I was happy to spend some time with Dari last week, learning how to crochet and I finished my first hat! Kaitlyn was happy to let me take some photos, which turned out cute. Tyler was fascinated by the process and kept wanting to try on the hat as is progressed. He insisted on a blue hat (the favored color for both the kids right now), and Kaitlyn also loving the color blue, I have since made another 2 hats, plus a baby hat just for fun.

Wyatt has been around quite a bit this week. I think he makes a point of stopping by to see the kids every day and usually takes them to do something fun - to the barn to feed and see the baby kittens (there are 6 grey and black striped), riding horses, out for ice cream, and even some crazy spinning on the lawn.

Oh how she loves those kitties! Kaitlyn gets in a session with them almost every day - sometimes up at the barn when Wyatt goes to feed, sometimes bringing them back to grandmas to play for an hour or so. She gave them all names. And Kaitlyn, being Kaitlyn, insisted on getting a couple of books from the library on "raising the perfect kitten" and has been learning from them. She even taught herself how to tell if the cat was a boy or a girl - which led to renaming one or two of them (Victoria - her fluffy favorite - is now Victor).
She is learning quite a bit about taking care of the horses and how to ride. And she gets so excited when Wyatt shows up and is ready to take her on the horse. She scrambles to get ready as fast as she can - in this case she threw on jeans and didn't bother to change her pajama top or let me comb her hair.

Tyler enjoys riding too. Kaitlyn tries to share some time with him, though some days she's more into it than other. Ty and I walked over to Karen's (the neighbor across from my parents) where Wyatt and Kaitlyn were riding one day. When Kaitlyn spotted us she rode out of the arena and over to us, got me to put Ty on the Dixie (the horse) and led him all by herself over to the barn so that she could climb the mounting block on her own and give him a ride.

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